Monday, November 2, 2009

CVS trip.

No picture busy. I got $40 worth of items for $6 tonight and I got $13 in ECB's back and will be submitting for a $5 rebate. I was so sad, my husband has been wanting a nedi pot for the longest time and they were on sale and I had a coupon (the two reasons he doesn't already have one, we were waiting for a sale and a coupon!) but they were all gone. We got the sinus rinse kit but it won't be the same. I also got cough medicine and nasal spray. (I like to stock up when it isn't costing hardly anything, we will surely use it this winter). I got two glade scented oil candle refill packs and two glade candle holders, that will be Christmas gifts. So two Christmas gifts and lots of cold and sinus treatment for very little money. (The cold stuff was $1 out of pocket for it all and the other money out of pocket for the candles I get back from the rebate, so it was a good trip.)

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