Thursday, December 3, 2009

Freezer Cooking Day update.

Sorry about the delayed posting, but between the cooking and a teething baby that was hindering some of my cooking plans, things have been busy. :) So far, I have made homemade salsa, southwest rollups (freezing only a lunch size portion of those.), creamy chicken noodle soup (which we had for dinner), one bag of shredded chicken, a dozen cranberry wheat muffins, homemade granola and granola bars.
Still to go:
3 batches of pumpkin pancakes
4 dozen double chocolate cookies (not sure if I will make them all and freeze them or just freeze the dough)
homemade strawberry poptarts
homemade hot dog buns
homemade personal pizza pockets
shredded beef from a roast
hot chocolate mix
2 pounds of dried pinto beans
1 pound of dried red kidney beans

This was my very first freezer cooking day so I purposefully decided not to attempt a whole lot of entrees this month to see how it went. And we actually needed a lot of the breakfast foods so that is why there are so many of them. With a two year old and a six month old, I am actually having to space my cooking out across several days. I can keep my toddler entertained but the baby is teething and she wasn't having any part of my cooking and not tending to her. :) We have enjoyed eating some of the things that I have already made and I love that my freezer is holding several options for other things. I have taken several pictures and will probably post them at the end once everthing is finished.

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