Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reading goal for 2010

Reading is a passion of mine, it is something that I have always done. I began reading when I was four years old and I haven't stopped! Even when in college with papers and tons of assigned reading, I still made time for pleasure (non-required) reading. And then I had children. I have much less time for reading now than I once did. I have a seven month old daughter that is nursing and some of my best reading happens during her middle of the night feedings. (which I am keeping my fingers crossed will end soon.) My children are in bed by 8pm, so there is time in the evenings for reading. Of course there also is my husband looking forward to talking to me without being interrupted by our two year old and laundry to fold and coupons to clip and a million other small household chores that seem to be unending at times. We also have a couple of tv shows that we enjoy watching as we savor the quiet. :) The bottom line is that most days are so crazy that by bedtime I am wiped out and sometimes my idea of getting to read for a few minutes isn't as easy to acheive as it once was. I still read and I read a lot but I want to make time for even more this year without taking away time from other important things, like my family.
So here are my goals for reading this year:
1. The Bible: last year we were doing so well following a one year reading chart. Right up until the end of May when we brought our new daughter home from the hospital. We never did manage to get back on track with it. I still did some daily Bible reading but not every day the way that I would like to. I did a really wonderful study on the book of Luke that took me around six weeks and was life changing. (Luke was a man who was really in love with Jesus and you can't read his book without growing to love Christ even more than you did when you started reading.) This year, I have decided to begin the year with a focus on the new testament and I am going to start with the book of James. I would like to acheive daily (or at the very least regular) Bible reading in addition to any other reading that I am doing.
2. Cookbooks: I have always loved cookbooks and cooking. I will usually check out two or three at the library each month when we go. I try to always find at least one recipe to try from each one, to broaden our horizons. :) I love the $5 dinners website and can't wait to get that cookbook. I received a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas and I already know exactly what my purchase will be. I am always on the look out for recipes to feed my family that will be nourishing, taste delicious, and be fairly frugal. I am loving my recent discovery of several wonderful food blogs online.
3. Finance: We are a family of four living on a single income (I have a couple of things that I do to earn extra money for us, including a bit of office work for my dad and keeping kids, but it doesn't nearly equal a second income so our money is tight. We do pretty well with budgets and try to be fiscally responsible but there is always room for improvement. I would like to find books by Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman and read through them.
4. Sewing: I am interested in learning to sew...I would love to make play food for my kids, among other things. I don't have a sewing machine yet, but I have access to several and I know a bit of handstiching things already.
5. Fiction: this one is purely pleasure and a little something that I do for myself. I feel better if I can read a chapter a day. I am currently reading "The lost symbol" by Dan Brown.
6. Children's books: I love reading with my toddler. It is something that we do a lot during the day. Even if the day is hectic with lots of errands or spending time with family and friends away from home, we read together every single night. It is very important to us in our home. I taught pre-school for several years during college so I was already familiar with quite a few children's authors but with my son I have discovered many more. I am looking forward to discovering many more this year with the kids.
Let's read!!!


  1. i'm booking it this year also! i will make sure to check in on you!

  2. I was able to purchase the $5 dinner cookbook and I love it! It is full of wonderful recipes and lots of good tips for the grocery store. I have read quite a few books (fiction and devotional) so far...off to a good start. :)