Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jump on the band wagon!

If you love coupons and you love getting to try free samples, there are several websites that you should check out.

This site is a great site for getting coupons. I am getting ready to try a full size secret clinical strength deodorant for free and the only thing that I have to do afterward is write a short comment about it on their site and maybe fill out a survey. This website is really nice anyhow, lots of good articles and fun surveys.

She speaks-
Another great site for coupons and samples and you actually get to have influence over what is made and sold!

This one will let you try products before they release them and give you coupons to give to your family and friends.

All of these sites ask that you share your opinions with the people that you know. You should never sign up on one of these sites just to get free items without committing to do your part to tell others about the products. There are lots of other sites like this out there but these are all sites that I am actually a member at. I would love comments from anyone who knows of any other great sites like these.

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