Monday, October 5, 2009

$204.09 worth of groceries for $110.63

No picture tonight because we are about to make and eat dinner and are in kind of a hurry. We had a little more than 50% savings. (I am sending in a rebate to get $3.49 back on one item and I also got back a $4 catalina to use next week. So my "real" total was $103.14.) We got a ton of stuff! (We had 77 items in all so I do mean a ton.) We had lots of food of course. (lots of yummy fresh fruit and veggies: pears, apples, bananas, spinach, 2 salad bags). We got a lot of non-food items also: 2 things of laundry detergent, 2 packages of huggies diapers, 2 boxes of ziplock freezer bags, toilet paper. Kroger is having a mega freezer sales right now so we were able to get really good deals on freezer items. I got 2 bags of tyson chicken for $7.98 which is the price of one bag usually. We were very pleased with this week's sale and per our usual routine since I spent more today than our usual we will use a lot of stockpile items in next week's meal plan and mostly buy fresh ingredients to keep our total down.

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