Thursday, October 15, 2009

$42 worth of groceries for $15.

This was a 58% savings, so a pretty good trip. I had lots of good coupons and $4.50 in catalinas and I am getting $2.09 back in a rebate. (I am going to make some homemade pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins today or tomorrow and I actually used the catalinas to get the canned pumpkin and chocolate chips.) We had a pretty crazy grocery trip, it was raining so I had to try to keep the babies dry. I had to go though because my son only had three diapers left! I hated to go out in the rain for just the diapers so that is why I went through my coupons and grabbed a few other items too. When we got to the checkout, we had to wait for 15 minutes...there were only two registers open. So this trip definitely counted as an adventure!

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